The center for Mathematical Sciences Research has as its primary mission the facilitation of research in mathematics, both pure and applied, at the highest level. This includes, in an integral way, graduate and post-graduate education and research training.

While the center is intimately affiliated with the Mathematics department, it also has strong connections with the Physics department and DIMACS with which it often shares students and visitors. It also interacts with many other parts of the university, e.g. chemistry and engineering.

In general the Center aims to contribute substantially to the advancement of knowledge in all fields of science in which mathematics has an important role. It has played and plans to continue to play a leading role in making Rutgers University one of the world's great research centers. In particular, it wishes to be a world leader in some important areas of the mathematical sciences as well as being excellent in many others.

We also host a biannual Statistical Mechanics Conference. Our next conference will be the 125th and will take place December 17, 2023.